To Keep Or Not To Keep????

Every year we get a second chance to make a name for our generation. Therefore, with 2013 only a few days away, it is time to clarify a few things I think (and I hope you do too) should be left in 2012.   Like..

1.     “YOLO” this is French for I don’t have a game plan. Just kidding, as if you did not already know it stands for You Only Live Once. I mean let’s get real. Prior to this trending confirmation that we only have once life, did anyone really think we lived twice? This is precisely the reason the rest of the world thinks Americans have lost their marbles.

2.     Teen Moms: In the abridged words of Smokey the Bear “Only you can prevent the continuation of this train wreck.” If this you had not already considered this yourself, the final straw should have been when Jenelle Evans picked a Ke$ha concert over staying out of jail. As law school has taught me… res ipsa loquitur “the thing speaks for itself.”  And in this case the thing speaks for stupidity.

3.     Crocs: I know this may hurt some feelings, but it is time to say farewell. Okay, okay, so maybe they are comfortable, but at what cost? It does not matter how many new and improved versions of crocs are released they are still ugly. I would be a little less harsh (maybe) if their were no other options for comfort, but there are plenty. So as the saying goes “You can fix stupid, but you can’t fix ugly…..” so let this trend die.

4.     Leggings as pants: You cannot spell pants with leggings. I do not care if you are a size 2 or a size 12 no one wants to see every movement of your booty cheek (and the ones that do are registered sex offenders. Bet me?)

5.     Gangham Style: PSY is on record bashing America so it’s time we end his 15 minutes of fame.

6.     “The Taylor Swift contradiction”: It goes a little something like this: Taylor Swift’s song comes on the radio. You: “Gah, I hate Taylor Swift. She cannot sing or write.” Cue the singing of every word to Taylor Swift’s song.  See what I am saying? We must pick a side.  Either we love her or we hate her.

7.     Doomsday freaks out: Have we learned our lesson yet? I think so. Let’s not be so stupid in 2013.

8.     Kristen Stewart Memes: We get it. She has no facial expressions. Now stop filling up the humor section of my Pinterest with the nonsense.

9.     Mustaches: I do not understand this trend, but I do know if any girl I know were to actually grow a mustache a major meltdown would ensue.  So unless you are Zorro, Teddy Roosevelt, Mario, Luigi, or Ron Burgundy, Hulk Hogan, or Charlie Chaplin you might want to add this to your “What not to do in 2013” list, especially if yours grows patchy!

1. “Keep Calm and…”: While I am sure that the British creators of the original moral boosting posters “Keep Calm and Carry On” would be flattered at the theme’s new found fame, BUT we have wore it out.  

Don’t be sad there are a few things that deserve another year (at the least)….

1.     The Rebirth of Neon: (You can thank my fellow Magnolia for that title) So until this past year neon was a “summer thing,” but in 2012 it lasted through the winter as a pop of color for the most dreary of winter outfits. Love it. Keep it.

2.     Kate Middleton’s status as a fashion icon/role model is deserving of another year in the spotlight. Thanks to her fashion choices, classy is cool. And of course it goes without saying that in 2013 we will all obsess over the royal baby.

3.     Memes:  A lot of people are calling for an end to this form of humor, but I say we keep them. There is a meme for everything, that’s what makes them so perfect. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there is a fitting meme to make you laugh.   

4.     Duck Dynasty: So I basically gave up reality TV for the most part when The Hills cast no longer included Lauren Conrad, but Duck Dynasty has entranced me and apparently over half the country. But if you look at the line up of reality TV shows, you cannot get anymore wholesome than Duck Dynasty. They promote faith and family, which needs all the publicity it can get these days.
5.     Pintrest: Greatest. Website. EVER.

6.     The Top Knot: This hair look is about as versatile as they come. From work to play, the top knot is a no fuss quickie. However, please do not throw your hair in a bun and call it a top knot because there are a few rules and techniques to pulling this look off.

7.     Collars: Peter Pan collars, Studded collars, jeweled collars, etc. I love this chic approach to adding a little extra edge, glitz, or a feminine touch to the otherwise considered Plain Jane ensembles.

8.     Lace: This classy, yet veritable material has made one heck of a comeback outside the world of weddings. I think another year of lace inspired attire is unanimously welcomed with open closets.

9.     Bold lipstick: I am seen so many Hollywood Hotties rocking the runway with bold lipstick colors. It can be edgy, classy, or flirty depending on the shade.

1. Braids: I am not referring to your grade school pigtails. In 2012, braids became “a thing.” You can now go online and find 10 different types of braids, along with a tutorial, that can be runway ready or beach side sexy in minutes. 

Let's make 2013 the best year yet! It has so much potential! 

xoxoxo Kate


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