But seriously.

If you follow me on instagram, you may remember when I was trying to be healthy. Like last week.

I've had fast food three times this week.

Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for a bachelorette trip to the beach. I'm totally embracing the cellulite. I'm tired of worrying if I look amazing in a swimsuit. I'm tired of being sad over every dimple and wiggle. (And yes, I know I'm still thin. I just miss my abs and my younger body! Hahaha.)

I want to be in better shape, but until I actually exercise, I can't gripe any more. Plus, I'm almost tired of hearing myself complain! It reminds me of the scene in Mean Girls (of course!) when the girls critique their bodies in Regina's mirror after school. "My nail beds suck."

Rock your body this weekend. You are beautiful. YOU. Reading this. Seriously. Embrace it. Love it. Let's get healthier together.



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