Confessional Friday!

I have wanted to do a Confessional Friday post to link up with Leslie for a while now! Finally, I'm just doing it!


I confess that I'm beyond obsessed with my dachshund, Peanut. See picture below. Even though he doesn't live with Jordan and I, he still makes my heart skip a beat every single time I see him. (That almost sounds dangerous!)

I confess that our engagement pictures are still some of my favorite pictures of us ever. Obsessed.

I confess that I REALLY wish I could open a Steak n Shake franchise in Jackson. I'm also equally glad that I can't, as I would eat there for every meal - which could be hazardous to my health.

I confess that Katelyn is one of my favorite people ever. The picture below is from my bachelorette dinner - I don't actually think I'm a princess. Well, not all of the time.  ;)

I confess that all these pictures are off my phone. The one below is from our wedding rehearsal. It's also very clear to all of you that I love pictures of myself. This has always been very clear to me!

Hope your weekend is super fetch,


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