Go blonde or go home!

If you know me or have read for any length of time, you know how much I love blonde hair!

I'm a natural blonde, and until this year, I absolutely refused to dye it! Hahah. However, I have used my fair share of Sun-In and John Frieda products to enhance and amplify it. 

In February, I finally used hair dye on a weekend whim with my best blondes, Paige and Karson. It was a great product, but it was the exact same shade as my natural color! (See below!)

Now, I've bought a new dye, and I think it's about to go down. Hashtag scared to death. 

Here goes nothing....


  1. PICS! You better post pics. :) I recently went even redder! First box was subtle, second box was bright! Loved it.

  2. Ah Gah, I go blonde every 2 years, but always regret it, never the colour, but I have really dark hair so you can imagine how many times I have had to deal the the dreaded GINGE! I'm so jealous, it looks beautiful!



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