Jantzen, my swimsuit of choice!

If you'd ever told me that I'd be able to find an amazing one-piece, I would have laughed. And maybe pointed. But at least laughed. 

Until I met Jantzen, that is!

I was on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit when I saw that pink number above. It made me think of two things: a cupcake and the Pussycat Dolls! It was girly, but it also had enough structure that I didn't look like a grandma. Obessed. Also, it was a bit pricey for my taste, but that was years ago, and I'm still wearing it!

I just wanted to tell you about this brand because I love it, genuinely. (Obviously, since I own three suits!) I wanted to blog about it, so my almost-13-year-old sister was my photographer, other than the one selfie!

After l-o-v-i-n-g the pink suit, I decided to invest in another! This bedazzled blue number was my obvious choice!!

(Hey cellulite! I'm not worried about you!)

Last summer, as Jordan and I were deciding what we wanted for our rehearsal dinner, we decided on a pool party! As luck (and hope) would have it, I won a Jantzen swimsuit!!!!

And for my two new favorite pictures of me:
My sister nailed these pictures! I was so proud and impressed! Loved this backyard photo session!
We had a fun time! She even arranged the chair and other props and directed certain poses! Then we swam and my newly blonde-r hair turned green!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy summer, y'all!

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