MySpace or yours?

Dear MySpace,

     Hello. I'm Jessica. Formerly Eubanks, now Thornton. You may remember me as aprincessjess04. 

     From 2004 until 2009-ish, I blogged my entire college and young adult life on your page? Server? Whatever. I don't know the technical lingo. 

     I never stopped logging in. Even after all my friends quit MySpace. I didn't even join Facebook until 2009. I was so loyal. ("I was such a good friend." a la Gretchen Weiners)

     Now, I'm ecstatic for new MySpace, but I never saved all my old blogs and pictures. I'm scared to log-in, fearing that they are all long gone. 

     So, here's my plea - to Tom or Justin Timberlake or whoever is in charge now - please dig back in your archives, print all the blogs and pictures, and sell them to me. All my moments and memories I shared with you!

Sincerely yours,
little miss nostaglic


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