These are my confessions...

Happy Friday, friends! I'm here with some confessions, as I'm joining the link-up over at A Blonde Ambition!

(Leslie has a schedule of fun topics for Fridays this summer, so be sure to check out the list and link-up!)

This week's topic is random facts about yourself! I'd been wanting to do a post like this anyway, so obviously this is a good chance!

Here we go:

I think about and/or quote Mean Girls almost every single day. I can't help it. (It's like I have ESPN or something!)

I have figured out that the reason I love blogs is because I crave to connect with people who share their lives willingly. I'm a girl with basically no secrets. I just tell whoever whatever I have going on. (This can be great, but it can also be frustrating!) I love when I feel like I know someone/have made a new friend after I read their truth. 

I love the summer and wish I could spend all my time at the beach. I don't even know if we'll see the beach this year, but I think of it often. The water, sky, and sand are peace to me. 

In January of 2004, I watched Blue Crush almost every day. One of my life goals is to learn to surf!

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Love & happy weekend,


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