Weekend recap!

I love a good weekend. LOVE it. Friday night was super low key. I stayed in and painted my nails!

Saturday included hair dye, a wedding, and watching Jordan's band play a late night show!

Since it was my first time dying it for bright results, I documented the process!
Letting the dye sit and work its magic....

Brighter!!!!! Obsessed with this blonde. There were three platinum shades to choose from. I started with the darkest, so there's still potential to be brighter!!

From L to R: Lightest, lighter, and the light shade I started with. Platinum is where it's at!

An old dress. Wearing shoes I bought a year and a half ago for the first time. 

Jordan and I, fresh out of the photobooth at Chelsea and Sanders' wedding!!! 

Jordan took this one after the wedding! He's really embracing being a blogger husband! Thankful.  :)

Headed to see Jordan play music with his best friends! It was totally worth a late night. 

Sunday was lazy and wonderful. 

What did you do this weekend?



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