13. Thirteen. She's 13!

When I was 14, my mom and step-dad had a baby. I thought it was the bitter end of my only-child status. I was (crazy) emotional. (Hello, I was 14!) I didn't know how my life and heart were going to change. I couldn't have anticipated it. 

I remember at least being excited that the baby was going to be a girl. (thank God!) I also remember the morning we left the house for the hospital. It was a Thursday, and I was missing school. It was still dark outside. 

On September 7, 2000, Nicole was born, and I became a big sister. 

I was still a teenager, so I'm sure I said and thought dramatic things, but I have loved her from the second that we met. It was in an elevator, with my step-dad and a nurse. The first thing I noticed and noted was that she looked exactly like my mom. (Well, that and she had long fingernails!!!) I wish we could remember our first thoughts as a baby. I would love to know her first impression of me!

                   (first birthday party) 

              (second birthday party)

Today, we are celebrating her turning 13! I honestly can't believe how fast the years have passed. I'm old, and she's a teenager! Hahaha! (And really, it's like we're two only children, so it hasn't been bad at all!)

Now we share the same interests: Teen Vogue, Justin Bieber, Duck Dynasty, teen fiction, and makeup!

So, a note to my sister on her birthday:


I'm so glad to be your Sissy, even though 13 years ago, I swore I would never be called such a silly name! I'm so glad that God has perfect plans and that His timing is perfect. I'm so glad we get to be sisters and best friends!

We've been together through so many things - fun and a few not-as-fun. I'm just glad we're together in life, no matter what comes our way. I'm thankful for being able to teach you things and from the lessons you've taught me so far! You are mature and wise, which can seem hard in 7th grade, but you're rocking it, sister! Don't you worry a bit. Popularity lasts for an instant, but true character is a lifelong goal that some people never achieve. Keep being your awesome, beautiful, hilarious, compassionate self. 

I'm SO proud of you! You are good at everything. I have to be proud so that the enemy doesn't whisper lies to make me jealous. The devil does things like that - but you never ever have to believe his lies. I'm so thankful that you know Jesus and are growing in your faith. It's so amazing and beautiful, and I'm constantly learning from you. 

So, back to what I was saying. I'm so proud of you. From soccer to dance to academics to volleyball to band to makeup to the violin to writing and fun, you are SO talented. I could not be happier with the person you are and are becoming. You set your mind to goals, and you achieve them every single time. (We adults could probably all learn a million things from your drive, work ethic, and dedication!)

I will only know this love again if/when I become a mother. You have changed my heart, life, and world for the better. There is nothing I won't do for you. Nothing. You make me brave and inspired. I love you to the moon and back again. 


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