#31Days of HAPPY!

As much time as I spend digging through blogs, you'd think that I'd heard about #31days before now. (It's a 31-day writing challenge over on www.thenester.com - check it out! Hurry!)

I was reading one of Jessi's pre-Influence Conference posts (www.naptimediaries.com), and that's where I was introduced to this challenge! P.S. Jessi's posts are going to be amazing. Know how I know? Because they always are. That woman speaks to me. 

So the official link-up starts tonight. I almost didn't even decide to do it. It seems like a lot. It seems like it will require a lot that I don't have together or haven't thought out. But like most things, I was complicating it/making an excuse for myself. 

So.....I'm writing for the next 31 days about what makes me happy. It may be simple. It may be deep. I just need to write. We'll see what happens! 

I literally have a list of things I was trying to cram into this idea. I wanted something brilliant and unique. Instead, I'm posting about where I am right now. I want to focus on gratitude for the things that make me happy!

By counting my blessings, both big and small, I hope to grow in my thankfulness for all the Lord is blessing me with. 

Here's hoping that someone reads along AND that I am surprised by all I have to be grateful for at the end of this! (Obviously!)

You are SO loved!


  1. I'm excited you're doing this too! I saw you tweet about it and it was the last push I needed to jump on board. So THANK YOU! :)


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