Finding happiness today.

Happy Wednesday, friends! It's still SO crazy to me that October is here. The Mississippi State Fair starts today, and that always signifies the arrival of fall to me. I hope to go at least once for a Pronto Pup smothered in mustard. Plus, there's nothing like a free syrup-filled biscuit with the petting zoo odor wafting towards you. Hahahahahaha! ;)

So the lights and tasty treats at the fair make me happy. There may be a cold front coming through which mixed with a night at the fair totally makes the best fall experience!

(My outfit for work today totally made my day better!)

I got to have lunch with a super, amazing friend today! It was delicious, and the conversation was good. I'm basically obsessed with my friend Amanda (and her cute family). Also, I still want her to blog. So. Yeah.   :)

Besides that, the fact that my mom made chicken and rice tonight definitely put HAPPY in front of this Wednesday! Coffee and cinnamon rolls for desert because we do what we want!  ;)

(The sky over my family's neighborhood tonight as I drove in for dinner was gorgeous!) 

Today was good. Really good. Just a regular day, but sometimes that's just what I need!

Another thing that's so small but makes me so happy??? When my sweet husband makes up our bed just because he knows I love it. 

I'm also SUPER beside-myself-happy that the link-up is active for everyone who went to the Influence Conference. Definitely stoked on that! Run on over to and read them!!!!

You are SO loved!
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  1. What a great idea to focus on happiness for a month! I find happiness in the little things throughout my day too: a warm mug of tea, petting my dog. Fall brings so many happy things into my life.


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