Finding (the happy in) Monday

Does anyone else need another weekend to recover from the one we just had? *raises hand*

I'm so thankful it's been below 80 degrees, even barely, both yesterday and today! I've had soup three times in two days. Hahahaha. 

I'm super happy (or soup-er, hah!) that I got to have my mom's chili tonight!!!! YUM!!!! One of my very favorite parts of fall, for sure. That + family time? A good Monday night. 

Spent time with Paige this evening. After 20 years of being best friends, we're definitely sisters. So fun! We're currently sharing a hot chocolate that her husband Tony made! He works at the Cups in Clinton, so go by and have him make you a beverage!

Hope you're having a good week so far and finding ways to be thankful in the little things!



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