Happy Friday, friends! 

Random happy-maker of the day (so far):  seeing a guy in bright magenta pants and a purple shirt walking as I drove back to work on lunch. Seriously the second time I've been driving downtown and wished I was a street style photog. 

Another happy? My friend Aaron has his one wisdom tooth extracted today. Afterwards, he insisted to Laura Bee (his wife/my bff) that he "had to talk to Jessica"!!! It was one of the most memorable phone calls of my life. Hahahahaha. GOOD LUCK!

Finally, my Friday ended with me and my mister spending some time with two of our favorite girls: Jess and meg Followell! I love them and am so thankful that God has given us a friendship that includes nights-in. That girl gets my heart, y'all. 

Night friends. Watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch until Hey Arnold comes on!



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