Happy is....

To be honest, I'm not sure if today is day one or two! I posted the intro post yesterday, but I'm not sure how to count it....either way, here we are friends!

 (Happy, as defined by Merriam Webster)

Doesn't everyone want to "feel pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc."?!!! I know I do! So, let's get started on this 31 days of HAPPY!

I started making lists of little things that make my heart glad. Since I'm blogging by the seat of my pants here, I don't want to blog the entire list and be left with nothing to talk about in the days to come. Let's see....something that makes me happy to start out with.....


I absolutely love finding out people's favorite things! I feel like getting to know each other well can begin by sharing what things make your heart and mind soar. I love getting to know people, so obviously my favorite questions to ask revolve around your favorites. (If I haven't asked you yet, you can bet I will!)

So tell me (if anyone is out there), what are some of your favorite things? Knowing would make me happy!  ;)

Favorite color, movie, song, show? Leave them in comments, along with a link to your blog!!!!



  1. Fun topic! My favorite color is bright green and my favorite smell is a freshly mowed lawn :) I could go on forever!

    Jessica @ www.onesimplethingblog.com

  2. Hello fellow 31day-er. I love your optimistic attitude. Happiness doesn't come easily to me, but I think I'm happiest either painting or behind my camera. But I do commercial photography, so not always behind the camera...lol. But most times. Good luck with this challenge. :)

  3. Having coffee with friends like you! TV series (oh so many!). Nail polish. Owls. Favorite color is pink, but not to wear or decorate with. Favorite day is October 14th. I love favorites and could go on and on!

  4. Crafting is my favorite pass time. My family are my favorite people. Fall is my favorite season!! Apple ciders, pumpkin coffees, sweater weather and scarves are just a few of my favorite things!


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