{happy} Tuesday, friends!

The truth is, the people of Mississippi are rejoicing at the cooler temps. If you're local or if you follow more than one MS blog, you've likely heard about it. We can't help it. When it's below 90 degrees, we're suddenly layering and pumpkin-spicing everything!

This morning felt absolutely glorious. (Side note: I think we are almost to the part of the year where I either wear too many clothes or not enough. Must get better at checking the weather!)

When it feels nice out and everyone is loving life, it can be so inspiring. I just want coffee on a porch and to work on novel ideas. (Literally. Ideas for novels. Hahahaha)

Another thing I'm randomly enjoying is watching the Voice and the X Factor. I typically only last through the audition episodes. It just seems like tv talent shows last for weeks too long. But, besides all that, I'm entertained! I just wish there were amazing singers with normal stories rather than every single one having a tragic story to overcome. It makes me never want anyone voted off!

Hope your Tuesday is rocking!



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