[way happy] Wednesday

Wednesday, October 9 is here! It's my friend Laura's birthday! We're going to the Fair tonight to celebrate, and I'm excited about it. (So excited, in fact, that this won't be posted until after we go! Then I'll have pictures and stories!)

I didn't ride anything. I'm not much of a rider. However, I love the Ferris wheel! I think it's beautiful!

I ate a Pronto Pup and munched on Paige's nachos! Also, P got fried cookie dough on a stick. It. Was. Awesome. Then I realized I didn't particularly like being in crowds of aimless fair-goers. 

The petting zoo is basically the highlight of the fair to me....at least until I get sad and want to release the animals. 

Starting in about 2005, I met a Zebu and fell in love! Such sweet animals!

Happy birthday, Laura M!!!!!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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