Wednesday: happy after last night

Today's happy because last night's party was such a hit! After the Season 4 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, I knew I wanted to have a get together for the Halloween episode and Ravenswood premier! Here's how it went!

I drew and colored red coats to be markers for our food! Also, our food items were themed after the main characters.

We had:
-pretty little popcorn
-Ali's cookies
-Emily's edamame
-Spencer's spinach dip
-Caleb's crackers
-Hanna's hot chocolate
-Toby's tea
-Aria's apples
-Paige's pumpkin dip
-we need S'more info about Ezra Fitz cups

Ali's cookies were easy and super yummy!

Pretty Little Popcorn: popcorn, Nutella, and various sprinkles!

Luckily, Target's Halloween section had the perfect plates and napkins for the Ravenswood premier!

As far as decor, I got these great raven wall clings from Target and wrote a typical letter-from-Ali note on the mirror!

And maybe there was a little pre-party-pumpkin-painting....

The party was a lot of fun. It was such a random mix of friends, but we all had a great time watching our shows!

Today was happy because:
-My friend Amanda had her sweet baby, Hazel! I can not wait to see her!
-I got lunch with Sally-the-sweet. That's her name as of now. Check her blog out at!
-My friends Karson and Paige are both reading Divergent! Love when we're all on the same bandwagon!
-About to attend an Influence Network class!

How was your day? How are you?



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