Saturday Snaps!

Part of trying to work harder on the blog will include a couple of new series. One of them will be Saturday Snaps! I'm excited to share pictures from my life on the blog. Can't wait. 

Here's some of what my day looked like:
Car selfie waiting to see the followells at the park during the mini sessions!

Yes, of course I ordered an iced chai. It's Mississippi. I expected to burn up outside. Instead, I froze. Worth it. 

Paige and I met up with my parents to see the junior high's show choir, the Ambassadors, perform their fall revue.  My sister, Nicole, is on the crew!

Afterwards, Paige and I went to Walmart for three items. We left with more than that. Also, Christmas is in full effect at Walmart!

We got a two-pack of candles to share, and I lit mine as soon as we came home!

Here's my Walmart ornament haul:

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!



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