Time. Is. Flying. Faster, faster, faster. I really had planned to be a good blogger. Life has been busy or I've been lazy or both.

How is it mid-December?! How is 2013 almost over?! Mind is blown. 

This entire month seems so overwhelming to me. So much to do. Such a long, looming to do list. So little time to get it all accomplished. 

We're waiting. Nervously. With much anticipation. Senior grades are due tomorrow by 10:00 a.m., and we'll know for sure if Jordan gets to graduate on Friday. (No pressure, right?)

Y'all, I'm not sure I've ever prayed for anything so much. This morning I had to sort of shift my prayer to "God, just let me find peace -  real, true peace - in knowing that no matter what happens, You have a plan."

I want to be able to REJOICE. Either way. Sincerely. 

This can be hard as a sinner, you know? I tend to pout and throw a tantrum like a toddler demanding a cookie before dinner rather than counting the abundant blessings the Lord lavishes on me constantly. 

With graduation stress falling in the weeks before Christmas, I've hardly been in the spirit. I haven't kept up with either of my advent devotion plans. I've only just started shopping. I just haven't been into it this year! (Can I get a bah-hum-bug?!)

This has to stop. I can't allow the enemy to steal the joy of this precious season. I mean, of ALL seasons, not this one!!!!

Joy to the world, the Lord is come! HELLO. The Lord came to save us, and I'm worried about grades and buying things we don't need. 

Wake up and smell the egg nog. Tis the season to rejoice and celebrate that salvation is here. HERE. For free. Best gift ever. 

Still hopeful for Jordan to graduate. For a million reasons. We covet your prayers. 

Love y'all,


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