Think of it this way...

When times are hard and life seems dark, we wish for morning. For light. For the truth and solutions to be illuminated. 

How fitting that the Lord, the One Who is the Light of the world, came in the darkness. He entered the world in the dark stillness of the night. 

Just imagine Mary and Joseph. Traveling in the darkness. Hopeful for a hotel room.  Hopeful for peace and comfort. 

Just imagine the wise men. Being led by a bright star. Hopeful and searching. 

Aren't we the same? Hopeful. Searching. Yearning. Questioning. Needing. 

He is Light. He is here. He is coming again. 

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. If you're in a hard spot, just know there is a great Light Who is bigger and stronger than the darkness you are encountering. 

You are loved.  He loves you beyond measure. His grace goes beyond all sin. It's not too late to feel real peace. To truly start living. 



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