Just. Be. You.

I feel like my New Year's Eve of dancing the night away on Main Street in Magic Kingdom was the PERFECT way to start 2014. Why? Magic Kingdom. Disney World. Jordan. New friends. PERFECT! 

Besides the obvious reasons, it was fun to just be myself. Just 100%. Just dancing even if I looked silly. Just being my genuine-but-sometimes-wacky-self. Making new friends by just being totally me. 

It. Felt. So. Good. 

So in this first month of the year, I've started noticing that I get so fired up by people who just do what they want - just being themselves - no matter what anyone thinks. 

You want to dress like a princess? Do it. Life it too short to not use all the glitter and sequins you desire. 

Want to be a cat lady? DO IT. [Just try not to get to the point of hoarding. I really appreciate people who do what they want in a healthy way...] 

Want to read Teen Vogue and Seventeen and teen fiction but you're turning 28 in May? Do it. I am.  :)

Life is short. You are spectacular. Just be who you want and how you want. Beyond what any person thinks or says, you are so loved. Exactly how you are. 

Love you,

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