Hear ye, hear ye!

Music makes the world go round. 
Music makes my heart skip a beat. 
Music makes me feel. 
I'm a girl who knows what she likes, and I like music. 

All of this to say, Spotify is rocking my life. 
You can listen online. You can download the app. It's free. (Or you can pay to skip the ads and listen to whatever, whenever!)

Much like Pandora, you can listen to radio stations based on artists or genres of music. 

My favorite two things about Spotify are being able to listen to one artist for as long as I want (on shuffle of course) and being able to create my own mix and match playlists. Obsessed.

In the app, there are a ton of pages to look at! My profile gives me access to the friends and artists that I follow, to the artists or albums I listened to most recently, and to the list of the playlists I follow and/or create!

By selecting the Browse tab, I'm able to search through ready-made playlists to quench my musical thirst for whatever I'm craving.
When I choose the Discover tab, Spotify suggests other artists/albums/songs/playlists that I may like based on what I've listened to in the past. I'm finding great new music thanks to these features! Again, all of this is FREE on Spotify. SO GOOD.

All of this to say, run, don't walk to Spotify now!


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