life lately:

How are you? I'm HAPPY that warmer weather is here!
Just wanted to post some pictures from life lately. If you follow my instagram, you've probably seen most of these there. Umm, also, if you're not following me, go ahead and do that, silly!

Spent some time last Wednesday with Katelyn. We went for a manicure (K) and pedicure (me) date. I finally used the giftcard she gave me last year for my birthday! (My birthday is less than a month away, so plan accordingly!)

I stopped in Barnes and Noble and grabbed the British issue of Glamour. Something about getting magazines from other countries makes me so happy. This is a super good issue, too!
 If you know me AT ALL, you know that Mean Girls is basically my favorite movie of all time ever. When I saw Seventeen Magazine post an interview with Daniel Franzese who played Damien, I knew I had to touch base! (You can read that article here.) So far, he has favorited four of my tweets which means we're on our way to becoming real life friends. #fetch You can follow his tweets and his instagram @whatsupdanny.

Friday night included fun dancing and laughing and hiding and screaming with meg followell and my sister. It was a good night. Much needed. (And we sang Frozen songs over and over and over.)

Saturday was pretty lowkey. My sweet momma and I had a hair dying party. It's been about a year(ish) since I started lightening my hair to a blonder blonde. There's no going back, y'all. Also, I felt like my selfie game was seriously strong!  :) Something else you can look forward to when you follow my instagram!

Sunday was a lovely Easter! Pictures below with my gorgeous sister, dapper husband, and our brother-husband and sister-wife (Tony and Paige). [Btw, that's a joke. We just really love each other.]

Made this little beauty with ALL THE APPS! Not literally, but I did use several of my favorites. I just feel like the most attractive qualities a person can have are empathy and compassion.
Have an amazing week, friends!

You are SO loved.


  1. I love that photo of you after you dyed your hair - SO cute!!

  2. That's an adorable selfie! I really need to up my selfie game, but I just feel so awkward!


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