SWL: you, me, us. Always.

Y'all know how much I just love people. Making friends (in real life and online) is one of my most favorite things ever. (EVER!)

Know what else I love? People who encourage people. People who let you know that your mess (past or present) is OK. You aren't alone.

Today, I got the chance to meet one of those friends (ERYN!!!!!!!!!) in real life as she and some of her friends stopped in Jackson spreading their So Worth Loving message!

(Also, I got to visit Thimblepress for the first time. Obsessed is an understatement. I want to move in. You can shop on their website - and you're going to want to!)

(If you know me, you know I died over the fact that there is a dog in the store!! And that gorgeous girl is Sara - an amazing photographer!)

(Stationery is one of my love languages, y'all.)

(Run, don't walk...these have been ALL over the internet in recent days!)

Just want to remind you that you are SO WORTH LOVING. No matter what. 

Love you. Really mean it.
Let's connect - I'm @jesstinybird everywhere online. 


  1. I love the sign in the first picture and Eryn's t-shirt! Love, love, love!! :) Glad you had a great day filling your love tank.

  2. And my worlds collide! Erin is friends with my friends Ben and Audrey (in ATL) and my friend Beth (in Jackson) is friends with the Thimblepress crew. This post made me SMILE!!!!!!!!


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