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What can I say? I just really enjoy linking up with Leslie! (She's about to celebrate her first mother's day! Visit her blog to ohh and ahh over the prettiest little babe in Arkansas!)


I confess that though I have more nail polish choices than anyone could ever need, I am always enamored with the newest shades! Oh, and if anyone needs a gift idea for my birthday (that's in nine days!!!!), you can find these Essie colors at Walgreens. ;)

I confess that I am SO proud of my (handsome, sweet, smart, kind, selfless) husband as he gets his undergrad degree in English this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through major changes (history, education, english) and major changes (from being my boyfriend to my husband), this stud never quit. Jordan Thornton, you make me so proud.

I also confess that our backyard is my favorite picture spot.

I confess that I never get tired of people tweeting me back. Also, I think Snooki is a good momma. People just love to hate other people. It's ridiculous!

It's a gloomy, rainy day in Jackson, but I must admit, I'm still loving my view!

Lastly, I must confess that while I was eating my fruit cup, I became so happy over the hot pink cherries...even though we all know cherries aren't pink.

Happy Friday, friends.


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