28: my new year and my resolutions

I always count my birthday as my second Happy New Year! It's just another chance to revamp and start again, a chance to make some changes here and there!

Today, I turn 28. Here are my goals for the next year:
1.  Less complaining/more action - it's time to do something about the things that plague me. Whether it's not fitting in my old clothes or wanting to do something nobody else wants to do - it's time to act!

2.  Be purposeful with my apologizing. I tend to say "sorry" for this, that, and the other - so much so that Jordan tells me to quit apologizing. I was thinking/realizing about how when I apologize from now on (unless I just bump into a stranger), I want to be more direct in my apologies. "I'm sorry I said something disrespectful." is a lot more meaningful than "sorry."

3. Keep being myself. This is self-explanatory. 

4. Try to blog more regularly. And wear my hair down/straight. These just take action over laziness. See resolution #1. 

Here's to growing up and being the woman I'm meant to be!



  1. I've been watching your birthday postings and you know how to celebrate right! I love how you look at your birthday as a second Happy New Year. Such a great idea! Congratulations on 28 years!

  2. Happy birthday!! :) I really like your goals, especially the first two. I always treat my birthday as a time to decide how I want the next year to go too :)

  3. Happy belated! These are awesome goals! And I love that nail polish! :)

  4. Happy [late] birthday! Love the blog. I view my birthday the same way. Although I'm not a huge birthday person [I'm one of those people who just doesn't understand the point in celebrating it for some reason] I am grateful to be here another year and hope to make the most of my next year. Good for you, and hopefully you can stick with these goals!

    From Dogwoods to Magnolias


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