Confessional Friday.

It's been a (long) while since I've linked up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition, so today seemed like the perfect day.

Alas, these are my confessions:

1.  I confess that I absolutely LOVE our new office location. I didn't think I would since I'm a change-hater. Plus, elevators are necessary. So is a parking garage. (Going to this from a two-story, ground-level parking lot kinda rocked me.) However, it is SO worth it!

This is my view. I finally feel like I work downtown! YAY!

2.  I confess that I adore being in walking distance of restaurants. I know I'm a city mouse, so I totally appreciate this area and the scenery/feel it has to offer. Plus, in Mississippi, this great weather is short-lived and will soon be replaced with stifling hot summer (which I LOVE!), so I'm enjoying getting out and about on my lunch break.

3.  I confess that this month marks TEN years since I graduated from high school. I can't believe it. The decade has flown by. Holy smokes, y'all. To make myself feel ok about it, it has also been ten years since Mean Girls was out in theaters. Me + Mean Girls = better with age.

4.  I confess that I love a photobooth. In case you haven't noticed, I love being in pictures, so posing and goofing off comes naturally to me! These pictures are all from an event helping to #bringedenhome.

If you're in need of a photobooth, I know of just the one! Fotobooth

5.  I confess....that I love the number 5 for no good reason, so I didn't want to only confess four things.

Enjoy your weekend! Catch me blogging on Mondays in May over at Mississippi Women Bloggers!

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