June 26

My sweet husband, Jordan, is 25 today!!!!!! Prepare for picture overload as I celebrate his heart and the fun we have together! (I initially tried to make them all chronologically correct....but gave up a little!)

From that first time we hung out, when you were 18, I knew we would be best friends. 

We've also been together for 6.5 years today! Woo! This means lots of ups, a few downs, and facing challenges together. It has been amazing. 

We have shared so many fun memories (and THREE Disney trips) so far. I can't wait to see what else the Lord has for us!

Thanks for always encouraging me to be myself. I'm a better person because of you! Plus, I've had more fun not caring about what people think of me (within reason, obviously)!

Thanks for being SO MUCH FUN these past six and a half years, bug. You're everything to me. 

Our engagement, wedding, and marriage have been amazing so far. Not easy. Never easy. But amazing. And so worth it. 

I couldn't be more proud of you. 

To my sweet boy, HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY WISHES EVER! I hope this is your best year yet. Love you so much. 



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