Life as of late...

How was your weekend? Spectacular, I hope! Mine was really good and actually very productive! I didn't waste a ton of time being lazy, and it made such a difference!!

Friday night included dinner and quality time with Katelyn! Saturday included time with Jordan before he went to work + cleaning our room. Saturday evening, I spent several hours with Sally finally formulating a budget for our family. Sunday was nursery, reading, painting at the Followells' new house, loving on friends, and family time! The weekend was exactly what I needed. So thankful. 

This week includes Jordan's and Paige's birthdays - two of the people I love most on the planet, and I get to celebrate them!!!! Taking time off on Thursday and Friday for quality time with them. So excited (plus, who doesn't love a long weekend?!). 

P.S. Mister Thornton is LOVING the World Cup! (See below - cheering on America with his friends on Sunday!)


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