Here I am again. Writing about a panic attack. 

I had been over a month without one. I thought, hoped, clung to the idea that it may finally be over. 

Maybe I'm over it. Maybe it won't cripple me anymore. 

As much as I hoped, it's not over. Today, a panic attack hit me like a ton of bricks. I just feel like weeping. I really thought it was over. 

This has been going on for four years. I'm tired of wondering when it's going to creep up. 

I know that a month without one is AMAZING in comparison to when I was having them constantly. 

Your girl is just tired. Weary. Please pray for me. Encourage me to pray too. I need it. 



  1. Oh, Jessica! All I can say is that they ARE hard and unexpected and devastating. I will pray for you...That whatever state of circumstances, your soul will rest in God and cling to the hope that He is keeping for His people.

    Will you pray the same for me? I need it. :)

  2. Hang in there! I am praying for you!


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