I'll give you something to complain about!!

I was having a conversation with someone the other day, and it went as most conversations do. 

"How was your weekend?"
"Good. How was yours?"

And either of us or sometimes both of us, wrap up the convo by working in a complaint.  It typically goes like one of the following:  
  • "It was good, but it wasn't long enough." 
  • "It was good, but I didn't get enough done."
We end up discounting the amazing weekend, meal, day, or hour that we've had.

We have to stop!

I hate complaining, but trust me, I do my more-than-fair share. 

I feel like complaining is my only way to try and give people a hint that I'm wishing and striving for more. For someone who majored in communications and sees writing as her only main talent, this is such a cop out.

Complaining is a comfort zone.

There. I said it. 

I'm more comfortable complaining about not accomplishing my massive to-do list every weekend than I am with trying to cross off one thing a day to make it more manageable than massive when the next weekend rolls around.

I'm more comfortable wishing my weeks away for the next weekend than I am with trying to figure out how God wants me to use my creativity in my every day life.

So, here it is.
I'm calling myself out.
And anyone else who this applies to.
Let's try and do better.
Let's be thankful for the little things - like that amazing weekend, meal, day, or hour that we had.

Let's spend more time relishing in the good things than in the complaints we cover them up with.

You are LOVED.


  1. This is me at work. Everyone complains and i just fall into that trap. I hear myself and cringe.


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