I start at least every other blog post saying that I can't believe it's already fill in the blank with a month. But really. July?! Holy cow, y'all. 

The mister and I have started a new budget this month.  And by "new budget", I mean an actual budget. Sigh. My internal tantrum hasn't happened yet, but we've only been at it for four days so far (started on my payday).

Last week, while we celebrated Jordan's birthday, I snapped some photos of things I love at Anthropologie. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my ever growing anthro wish list!

(Mirrored and bright turquoise?! YES.)

I've been wanting to take more and more pictures lately. Plus, it helps my wanting and wishing to snap a photo and just put it out there. HEY, THIS STUFF IS PRETTY AND MAKES ME FEEL INSPIRED AND HAPPY. Just wanted you to know!

Tell me - what's your favorite thing to take pictures of?

Happy July, friends. 


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