Online friends vs. IRL friends

I read a lot of blogs. I follow a lot of people on every social media platform. Why? I love connection and community. I enjoy people who have things in common with me and people who I can learn from. I like beautiful people, places, and things. I can find inspiration everywhere.  

You know in the best movie ever (Mean Girls, duh) when Karen Smith is trying to explain first cousins and second cousins?  It's a lot like when I talk about my real life friends and my online friends. 

I  start so many sentences with, "My online friend so and so..." or, "I saw on a blog..." My husband listens and nods. By this point, he could probably tell you about some of them. 

This morning, I was thinking of an online friend having a heavy day. Then I was able to celebrate another blog sister's amazing news. And it hit me. 

Online friends are real life friends, too. (Just like how cousins and first cousins are actually the same. Poor Karen Smith...)

Just because we haven't met face to face (yet) doesn't mean that we can't share life and care for and about each other. 

So, my internet dears, please know that I consider you my real life friends now. Kisses. Hugs. Love. 



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