St. Louis (day three)

This post is super picture-heavy!
Day three was a day of shopping, meeting, eating, and fun!
(Day four was spent in the car coming home, so there is no post for that!)

My sister is now a mini-fashionista, which I LOVE! We went to the St. Louis Galleria - ahhhhhh-mazing.
The first three snaps are from Nordstrom! Totally wish we had one closer to us.

At lunch time, my family went to Cheesecake Factory, and I met my friend, Charity, at Panera Bread! Charity is in my community group through the Influence Network, and she was my first online friend to meet in real life. It. Was. Amazing.  :)

After lunch, I spent time browsing the Disney Store for meg followell's third birthday party gift! (I wanted to buy her everything. The final gift choice is not pictured here, so no spoilers!)

We left the mall and headed for another part of the city! They have their own walk of fame, so it was cool to see for sure.

We went to Fitz's for some soda! I tried the Key Lime Soda, just for a change! (In other news, I still don't like root beer, even though I've tried so many kinds.)

This was the root beer float! Holy icecream, Batman!

The trip was a fun time away with family, but I'm happy to be home. Hope you've enjoyed the posts about it!



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