St. Louis (day two)

St. Louis, day two, was filled to the brim with fun! We started our day at Grant's Farm. (This is also FREE (minus the pictures we bought). Y'all. The Lou has a lot to offer!)

(The filter feature accidentally got turned on, so we're a little green!)

(A baby!!!)

Clydesdale selfie, duh.

LIFE HIGHLIGHT. I love goats. I'd already asked Jordan for years if we could have a pet goat.  But this...this basically sealed the deal! We got to bottle feed them! SWEET goats. So fun!

Paddleboats are a great idea, right?
Sure. If you're in shape and like to sweat in the hot sun. :)
It was a super fun(ny) experience, though!!

After Grant's Farm, we ventured over the state line and into Illinois. It was my first time in IL ever!

We went to Eckert's! They have a HUGE farm and grocery...AND one of my new favorite restaurants on the planet.

This peach blackberry cobbler was one for the record books, y'all. Holy goodness. I can almost still taste it (and that homemade vanilla custard).

We also got to visit the world's largest bottle of catsup! Totally massive.

We headed back to the Lou and went over to the Arch! I remember going to the top of the Arch when I was in 6th grade, so I politely declined the invitation to the top and opted to people watch instead. (What?! It's like an elevator pod meets Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. Wasn't happening.)

How cute is my sister? BEYOND!

We ended our day at Steak 'n Shake. I'll never complain about that!

That's all for day two! Thanks for stopping by!


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