A couple of yuppies visit Duck Commander...the story of our daycation!

Friday afternoon, I was almost home and had a spontaneous thought. Paige and I had talked months (or more) ago about going to West Monroe to visit all the Duck Dynasty hooplah. I knew both boys had work today, so I suggested it! We decided to do it! (There isn't a spontaneous bone in my body. This was a big deal!)

We had already planned on sharing breakfast, so we got ready and headed out after! 

The morning started off rainy, but the day turned out to be a pretty-ish one. 

Even though we ate breakfast, we were starved by the time we made it to town. We decided to stick with the day's theme and go to Willie's Duck Diner for lunch!

They gave us a basket of homemade biscuits, cornbread, and hush puppies with our order. Have mercy. We didn't even make it to the cornbread. #hushpuppywasted

I had Mrs. Kay's meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and fried okra. Holyyyy cow. I would drive there again just for this meal!!

Paige had a pulled pork sandwich with crunchy onions on a jalapeƱo bun and a side of fried okra!

After lunch, we headed to Duck Commander! I was (so stinking) excited to get my picture made! 

Lastly, we went to visit Duck and Dressing, Rebecca Robertson's store!! I wanted to see it, hopefully meet her, see some All the Wire jewels in real life, and maybe see her dog. Guess what. IT ALL HAPPENED!

We opened the door to walk into the chic space and were greeted by this sweet face!! (Follow her on Instagram - @leauxla!)

The store is precious. I love the decor and style of it, and there are so many options!

I got to meet Rebecca and her sweet staff! So much fun. 

I'll be debuting my All the Wire necklace soon, so watch for it! 

We got on the road headed home, still so full from lunch. By the time we got 30 minutes from home, we stopped for Bops. What?! We wanted that custard, and ours closed down!! Hahahaha. 

It was a super fun Saturday daycation with my partner in crime. It was full of laughs and food and fun! I hope your Saturday has been amazing as well!

Be sure to visit www.duckanddressing.com - you can shop online, too!

Love y'all,


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