Confessional Friday: August 22

[I confess that this post started for another link-up earlier in the week, but I changed my mind and decided to save it for Friday...]

1.  I will always have a heart full of passion and love for pro-wrestling. My newest obsession is listening to podcasts and hearing stories from the glory days. I'm seriously planning and working on a series about what wrestling means to me.

2.  I confess that teen fiction and magazines will always be my favorite reading materials. Even when I'm 40. I'm sure of it. I need extra days in the weekend to devote strictly to reading.

3.  I confess that I'm guilty of severe people hoarding - also known as following any and every single person who I find inspiring on social media. (Except that I keep hitting the cap on Twitter and Instagram...) I'm easily inspired - what can I say?!

4.  I confess that I plan to adore Taylor Swift forever. Can't get enough of #ShakeItOff.

5. I confess that I'm uber excited that I'm less than 8 work hours from the weekend. No big plans (other than small group!!!!), but I'm happy about it. It has been a strangely productive work week for me (I'm easily distracted, y'all), and it feels good.  :)



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