My favorite apps at the moment

I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps (as of late) with y'all. You know, in case you need another way to spend your spare time!

I'm sure you've heard of most of these, but I want to share them just in case. I troll the app store for new ones to try all the time. Photo apps are my favorite, so all of these fit in that category. If it's an app dealing with pictures AND ties into social media, I'm. So. There. Here are five of my favorites in the event you want to try them out!!

Timehop is the perfect app for my super nostalgia. Everyday, the app sends me a notification that my Timehop is ready! It's a daily stroll down memory lane!!!!! I do wish that MySpace was an included social network to pull from since I was a loyalist for five years before joining Facebook. It's available on iTunes and on Google Play!

Also, I wish they offered a calendar feature. I tweeted about it here. Retweet it, and let them know what we need!!!

I'm OBSESSED with Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, so when they said they were releasing an app, I waited (im)patiently. A Beautiful Mess is just SO MUCH FUN! You can edit your photos with filters and borders and phrases - oh my!! It's available for both iPhone and Andriod, so run, don't walk if you haven't started using ABM yet!

Party Party is the second app by the ladies of A Beautiful Mess! If you think still photos are fun, just wait. for. this. Make stop motion pictures AND gifs or use it to take photo strips! It's like your own personal, portable photo booth - you know that's my JAM! iPhone exclusive!

Stellar is an app I just happened to stumble across. This happens a lot. I download so many apps just to try them out and end up deleting them almost immediately. Not Stellar, though. It's AMAZE. Stellar allows you to create stories - basically picture books - to share on your phone. You can like and share stories and visit collections (categories of stories). It seems to only be available for iPhone as of now.  Here's my first story! Let's connect!!

Studio is one of my uber new faves. You can edit pictures and add a heap of borders, shapes, quotes - ALL OF WHICH ARE FREE in the app!!!! Find it here for iPhone and Android. Also, follow me. It's that kind of app.

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day, lovies.



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