November tidbits.

Loving the new TSwift album. Like LOVE love. Pretty sure the reason Taylor and I aren't real friends yet is because the world isn't ready for ALL THE FEELINGS to collide. 

I still really want to seeThe Best of Me. 

Snaps from my weekend:
Cheeseball I made from Pinterest for the work party!

Ghoulish punch at the work Halloween lunch!

Still not over our new work location! It has been 6 months, and I'm smitten with being right downtown. 

Cute husband being a good sport for our front yard photoshoot!
The many faces of yours truly: grumpy, silly, smiley. 

$0.50 corn dogs at Sonic are one of my favorite things about Halloween!

The rest of the weekend looked a lot like this:


Our friends' newest addition, Red:

Working on some posts I'm excited about, so stay tuned. 

How are you? 



  1. You're so cute and adorable! And I love your pumpkin cheese ball!

  2. That pumpkin cheese ball is SO CUTE!


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