Confessional Friday {January 9}

TGIF, babes! So happy we're almost to the weekend. After 12 days off, working for five days in a row has been a change for sure!  :)

I'm happy to be linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition today for one of my favorite link-ups, Confessional Friday.

So, let's get started!

1.  I confess...that I'm already working on my post-Christmas, pre-birthday wishlist. (Y'all, I love STUFF. It's a real flaw.) So far on the list? 
  • Starbucks Alice + Olivia Travel Mug (because I missed the first one they did AND happen to like this one better!
  • As an avid planner and journal obsessed sister, I am suddenly struck with the desire to get my paws on this journal and a Filofax...mainly THIS one, that's not even for sale in America. #LeaveItToMe 
2.  I confess...that these chilly temps the past few days have made dressing for work, well, interesting. To say the least. Hahaha. I have one pair of work pants that still button. One. So it's been dresses and leggings and boots. Today, however, my dress seems way short with the boots I have on. Whoops. #SweatpantsAreALLThatFitMeRightNow

3.  I confess...that number two seems to be hinting at something. It isn't. I've just packed on a few elle bees.  ;)

4.  I confess...that I'm watching Hart of Dixie Season 3 on Netflix AND Veronica Mars Season 2 on dvd - and I'm seeing SO many cast members from HoD on VM! Loving both shows so much, by the way. Check them out.

5.  I confess that if you're a Mississippi woman who blogs (or wants to!), you have got to join Mississippi Women Bloggers! We have a Facebook group, and you can be listed in the directory on the website. PLUS, our first meet and greet is coming up at the end of the month! #MakeItHappenMSWB

That's enough for now.

Sending y'all so much love,


  1. I also confess that #sweatsareallthatfitsmerightnow... Luckily, I wear scrubs to work and they have a lot of give ;) Time to go back to the gym...


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