Currently {January} Link-Up!

I love linking up with Jenna and Anne! They do this super fun Currently link-up every month. (I've done it several times, here and there!) Plus, they email you the prompt ahead of time, so you can be thinking about what you're going to share! Way convenient. 

Besides them making it so easy to participate, finding new blogs to follow and new blogger friends is an added bonus! What are you waiting for, friend? Link up with us!

I'm planning...more blog posts! Also planning out my months, slowly, carefully, and with intention. It's SO easy to fill up every single day in the planner rather than saying "no, thanks!" or "I have to pass this time." We don't actually have to say yes to all the things.

I'm also planning to attend the first ever Mississippi Women Bloggers meet up at the end of the month! Find out more here! We would totally love to meet you!

I'm really listen to the Lord this year. I know in my heart that His plans are the best thing for me. It can just get hard when I think I have such awesome ideas! ;)

Also, I'm hoping for some snow or for warmer temps! Hahah. The weather seems to be the one thing everyone is complaining about. It's just that, for me, once Christmas is over, I'm ready for spring (at least by March 1)!

AND, I'm hoping to get my little mitts on Lilly Pulitzer for Target. #SWOON Like, I may have to be late to work that day...

I'm not currently baking anything, but I did make these Gooey Butter Cookies over Christmas! They turned out wonderfully. I absolutely love using the mixer, so maybe I'll whip up something else gooey soon!

I'm currently wearing a favorite sweater, even though the sleeves are too short. #TallGirlProbz 

Also, my sister gave me these Too Faced liquid lipsticks for Christmas! OBSESSED. Wearing Melted Berry (pictured) today!

I'm try and meet the goals on my list! And to post way more blog posts. Seriously. Fired. Up.

LOVE to y'all,


  1. Blogger meet-ups are so fun! And I just caught a glimpse of that Lily Pulitzer for Target stuff - way too cute. Thanks for linking up with us - we think it's really fun too!

  2. Gooey butter cookies? That sounds INCREDIBLE!
    Thanks for linking up! I love reading through your currently each time! :)


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