Firmoo {Glasses Review}

I've worn glasses since 4th grade, and I think they are totally a part of my persona! You know, leopards have spots, Jessica wears glasses... Firmoo emailed me in December and asked if I'd like to order a pair of glasses and review them. OF COURSE I WOULD!

 They have so many cute frames to choose from which made it a challenge to pick one pair! I picked a pair of plastic and metal frames.

I finally placed my order on January 6, and I received my glasses on January 23!

I must admit that there are both pros and cons to this experience:
  • A pro is that the glasses are super affordable!
  • A con is that you can't try them on (obviously) until you get them. I have a pretty big noggin, which I didn't take into account. The frames I chose are a little snug, so I should probably swing by my eye doctor's office to have them fitted a bit more properly.
  • Another pro is that I love the way they look on my face!
  • They ship from China, so it could be a pain to return them if you're unsatisfied. However, there are tons of other blog reviews of this company, and most people seem to be satisfied!
  • The most difficult part of this for me was figuring out my PD number, which wasn't written on my prescription from my doc. This wasn't a hard process, but it is something else I probably need my optometrist to verify when she checks out my new glasses.

If you are in need of a new pair of glasses, be sure to check out Firmoo's First Pair Free Program! You pay for the lenses and shipping - the frames are FREE!

Do you wear glasses? Where's your favorite place to get a new pair?

Your bespectacled beloved,


  1. You have very cool glasses. And I have glasses that my dog has chewed, yet I continue to wear. Hmm.

  2. Super cute! I use Zenni. Frames as low as $6.95 and I think that includes lenses unless you need high density. My two newest pairs should be delivered today. So, YEAH!


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