IF came in like a wrecking ball...

Have you ever been shattered to bits and put back together all at once? In the same instant? That's what the IF: Gathering did to and for so many of us this past weekend.

I was interested and inspired when I first heard about IF (I can't remember if I heard it from Jen in this post, or if it was somewhere else). Then, last year, I was so bummed to not be at the conference...but I get that way about several conferences. When my church revealed that we would be hosting an IF: Local this year, I. Was. Pumped. Up. (Shout out to the ladies of Pinelake Clinton that made it all come together beautifully.)

There are so many inspiring, brave women attached to this movement whom I admire. I feel like we were gifted so much wisdom and knowledge and even understanding that we deeply needed. The Lord knows what we need. He always delivers in His own time and way.

My heart was filled to the brim with thanks - for the messages and for the time spent growing with precious women from my small group who I am lucky to live alongside.

After the Friday night and Saturday sessions, I talked to my dear husband non-stop. It was a lot like coming home from Passion and being SO full and so eager and so contemplative. Please see my MySpace blogs to see how I felt after each Passion conference I attended. ;)

I know that the Lord is surely working in our small group, in our church, and in our community. I know that the devil will be totally raging about this. I know our first steps won't be easy. But our God is so much bigger than ALL those factors. My heart is full and...ready. Scared, sure, but ready.

Be sure to check out my friend Hannah's IF recap as well!

You are so loved,


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