We're just over mid-way through the second month of 2015, and it's just THREE MONTHS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! I'm just wanted to check in to share what I've been up to this month.

Starting things out with a selfie, as usual. :)

I'm still in the early chapters of this book, and already I've underlined a million and one things. Please be sure to check Lara's blog out!

I used these amazingly fantastic Valentine's Day cards from A Beautiful Mess! They offered it as a free printable to their email subscribers. AHEM. Go. Join!

We celebrated Valentine's Day with lunch, Forever 21, a walk, and dinner at Krystal's! The day could not have been more perfect. Honestly? So blessed to have this guy as my husband.

Sunday, Jordan was kind enough to take my picture. You know me and my backyard outfit posts. This is number...two.  ;)

That's all for now!


  1. Loving your outfit in that first selfie! Super cute ;) I can't get over the awesomeness of that Golden Girls card - lol! Speaking of golden, I adore your mani too! ;) Happy to have come across your blog through I comment I saw you leave another blogger today about Disney being your heart ...sounds like you're a gal after my own heart too! ;) Have a fab day!!


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