This little light of mine...

Will keep shining even in my darkest days. 

Sometimes, circumstances or events in life blow through like a sudden gust. My flame flickers, threatening to be extinguished. Somehow, though, it remains. My beacon in the darkness. My hope. 

Have you been there? Are you there right now? Under the crushing weight of life?

My friend Sarah Ann Rogers just wrote this ebook about her season of darkness. I found it wonderfully written and so encouraging for my own life. Whether you're dealing with loss or a season of waiting or whether you're going depression or anxiety or loneliness, this book is for you. I promise. 

You can (and should!) purchase it here. Plus, there is an additional audio companion for your use! You can purchase the bundle here

Thanks to Sarah for sending me a copy to review and for writing from the depths of her heart. It helps to know we aren't alone. It helps to have a friend who helps you keep your flame lit. 

Love y'all,


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