It's official. I'm a KEEPer!

I love Johnny Depp. 
I wear as much black as Johnny Cash. 
I don't think "too blonde" exists.
Leopard print is my favorite. 
I have big dreams. 
If I'm not a P.I., a WWE Diva, a hairdresser, or a librarian, I may as well sell some jewelry!

A few weeks ago, I saw this gorgeous arm party on an Instagram account I follow! (hey, Aida!)

I clicked the link in her profile to shop and fell in love! KEEP Collective is affordable and fun, and I was totally drawn in!

As of today, I'm officially a KEEP Collective designer!!!

I'm excited to build my own collection and to help you start yours as well! I'm not in this to get rich or be pushy. It's just something I totally adore! Follow my social media for pictures and updates, and let's book a social (in home or online)!



  1. Congrats!! I laughed about the WWE diva comment. My hubby is obsessed with Monday Night Wrestling so I'm pretty fluent in divas :)

    1. It was seriously my life dream and goal! Also, WWE is coming to Jackson on June 5! It won't be on tv, but we always try to go!!!


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