Life at 29.

I'm one day in to 29. So far, it's not too different from 28. Hahah. I left work for my four-day weekend all caught up on my work and returned to a stack of to-be-done papers! It's ok. The four days off were totally worth it. Plus, as a more mature adult ;) now, I should probably up my work game anyway!

Picture below is from my Snapchat. We should be friends, for sure. Leave your username in the comments!!

I want to write more and read more and watch more and blog more. Basically, every year I want the same things. To see and do and feel and experience more. Here's me saying that 29 is the same in that regard.

I hope to see a lot more of you around these parts.

Also, if we aren't friends everywhere yet, you can find me @jesstinybird on just about any and every social media platform.

Remember, you are loved.


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