Leslie? Knope, I'm Jessica.

I'm going to start this out by saying my typical "I can't believe how fast the year is flying by!"...because really? July is done in mere days. Holy mackerel. Seriously, y'all. 

Let's play a little catch up. As you can tell by the title of this post, Jordan and I have been watching Parks and Recreation for the first time. We're into Season 4, and I don't want it to end. Obsessed isn't even the word. It is one of the funniest shows we've watched together. Plus, Jordan giggling is one of my favorite things on the planet! (I see a lot of myself in Leslie Knope. And some of myself in Tom Haverford!)

I've also been reading a lot (for me) this summer! I always love being a bookworm, but I definitely go through spells of not reading. Are you reading anything good? I'll try and post a list soon of what I've been reading and what I'm aiming to read for the rest of the year. You can also check out #tinybirdreads on Instagram!

What else? Well since I last blogged (OVER TWO MONTHS AGO!), Jor and I attended a WWE event where I got the craziest-odd sunburn and met one of the Bella Twins, went swimming several times, celebrated both Jordan's and Paige's birthdays, dogsat another doxie, made a new work bestie, celebrated Jordan starting his new job, caught up with our friends after they got home from Europe, worked at a couple of weddings, and saw a movie or two! It's been an eventful couple of months, to say the least!

Really hoping to get back in the swing of blog-things, as it is good for me. I want to compare less and share more. Starting fresh again. Thankful for new mercies for sure. 

Also, fight club started for the 4th summer. We're reading Anything by Jennie Allen, and it's transforming our hearts. 

Hope your summer is spectacular. Life is short, so love hard. 



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