Let's travel back to Jami's post here,  and see what I wrote in my post here...If you refuse to go back and read (boo!), you can also check out the hashtag on Instagram to see more examples of #letsgetpraisy!

Basically, I think Jami Nato is so smart and so witty and all around awesome, so when she started these posts, I felt like, "YES! Someone else feels it, too!" The gospel is everywhere. It can be found in books or in seeing the ocean. It can be in a flower or a hug. It can even be found in songs that may have initially been written about earthly love. 

So, I was singing Katy Perry at the tops of my lungs (naturally), and it struck me! The song Unconditionally is about so. much. more. than a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship! At least it is for me when I listen and sing. 

(lyrics from azlyrics.com)

I realized in the middle of the song how much truth I was hearing. Listening to the chorus, I heard the words, "There is no fear now, let go and just be free." The verse that came to my mind was 1 John 4:18.

I went back and listened to the song over and over again from the beginning. There's just so much absolute truth. 
He loves me and accepts me. 
He can handle all my insecurities and all my dirty laundry. 
He wants me to come just as I am. (He does prefer repentance to the alternative, which is one place the song didn't quite fit!) 
He definitely takes my bad days and my good ones and gets me through the storms of life - all because of love.

Just had to share that God is working all around us - even when we don't know where to look. Thankful.

You are SO loved,


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