I always love posts from bloggers about what I've missed during the week or a list of things I need to check out. So....you guessed it! I'm making a list of things you need to check out this weekend!

1. My husband, Jordan, sent me a link to this artist the other day because he thought I may like her. Then my hair girl/same heart sister, Cassie, also posted about how amazing she is. So yes. Run, listen now! Julien Baker is hauntingly talented. You can listen on SoundCloud and/or buy her album here!

2. Adele made us wait for her new music. The new single and video dropped this morning! My summary? WORTH. THE. WAIT. 

3. Justin Bieber, whom you already know I adore, released his new song Sorry on Thursday. Just bought it on iTunes and am prepared to dance all weekend!

4. I spilled my guts about community and friendship. I'm thankful for the feedback I've gotten so far!! Would love for you to read that here.

5. I love when the sky looks like the ocean. This morning driving to work, I felt like it did. Like the waves rolling onto the sand. It was good for my heart. :)

6. I've recently started Gilmore Girls. Too bad I can't sit still and watch the entire series for a few days! I'm still in the first season, and I'm tweeting along as I watch it! 

7. I'm obsessed with the holiday line from KEEP Collective! Even better? Now there's a took where I can show you just about any design you want to see! Want to see a limited edition Keeper with some holiday Keys? Have a peek!

Happy Friday, y'all! What are your weekend plans? It's homecoming weekend at my high school and my college this weekend, so that's what we're up to.

Love always,


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